It’s a rollercoaster ride isn’t it – life in a woman’s body?

Especially in a body that is healing, and taking longer than any of us would like.

When we pause for a moment to drop below the numbness – the protective shield around our highly sensitive selves – there’s usually a river of emotions in there, churning away quietly; the frustration at the flare-ups, the grief about the life we’ve lost, the hurt about a difficult interaction, the fear about facing the unknown for another day, the overwhelm about the next layer of emotional healing we just uncovered…

We need as much support as we can get to help these emotions to flow on – as a river wisely does – flowing and becoming, flowing and becoming, flowing and becoming.

Music is such powerful medicine for this.

I find that the right song can unlock and free up an emotional wave like nothing else. It happened for me this morning. I woke up feeling angry, for no apparent reason. It came out as outbursts of frustration when I dropped the egg on the floor, when I realised there was dog poop on my shoe, when I couldn’t get the bin through the gate…

I realised it was time to get some big beats pumping on my phone and go for a jog – to support the rage to move. On the other side, I feel more expansive. I can still sense the anger, but I can meet it with more openness now.

That’s what made me decide to share my top 10 songs to support the healing process.

1. We are here –Alicia Keys
To remember your greater purpose, and how this healing journey is bringing you home to it, more and more each day.

2. Drum Sex – Brent Lewis
For when you need to stomp and let the anger and frustration flow out and through you.

3. Glorious – MaMuse
For when life feels heavy and you long for a burst of ease and joy.

4. Rise Up – Andra Day
Inspiration to keep rising despite it all, with your sisters by your side.

5. By Your Side – Sade
In the middle of grief and sadness, this song can help you remember you’re always supported.

6. Thank you – Alanis Morissette
To wake up a wave of gratitude.

7. Kothbiro – Ayub Ogaba
To support the tears to flow

8. Machi – Peia
To support you to gently open to the mystery that is acceptance and surrender

9. Emotional Creature – Boe Huntress
For when you need encouragement to know that everything you’re feeling is okay, natural, and totally welcome.

10. Devi Prayer – Craig Pruess
To relax your mind and soothe worries and fears

With love, Sophie


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