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We are an online women’s wellness circle offering expert support and guidance for your recovery from chronic illness.

The circle is facilitated by two experienced coaches deeply committed to the path of healing from chronic illness. We come together in circle to awaken our innate female power to heal our body and connect with our heart’s purpose.

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Our Self Study Courses

Would you like to learn the tools and techniques that supported our personal healing from chronic fatigue and burnout? Our self study programmes and meditations will help you set up optimal conditions for healing, so that you can reclaim your health.

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Perhaps you’re recovering from a chronic condition like CFS or an autoimmune illness, you might have mystery symptoms or pain, or maybe you’re simply feeling burnt out. If you’re longing to reclaim your health, we invite you to take your seat in our circle of support.


If you’re looking for one-to-one support, we invite you to explore working with Frances, Moon and our team of health coaches who have helped 100s of women recover their health and happiness.

“Such deep teachings brought to us in so many different ways so that we cannot fail to get the message; we hold the key to our own awakening, healing and wholeness, and through resting, listening to our innate feminine gifts of intuition and instinct we can hear what our beautiful bodies are communicating with us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” ~ Lavinia

“I fell open just days after doing the “Inanna” meditation with Women’s Wellness Circle this summer. After years – as a mother of four and grandmother of five – of being ‘alright really’, I had no choice but to absolutely surrender. Throughout late summer and into the autumn, I allowed myself to feel very vulnerable, to simply ‘be’ in a very spacious place of not-knowing. And now, for almost 6 weeks and for the first time in over a decade and a half, I have no pain! I sincerely bless Frances for the work that you are doing with the Circle.” ~ Kate Rose

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6 superpowers of small group coaching

6 superpowers of small group coaching

Supportive small groups can catalyse healing through deep connection We heal in community. We don’t heal when we feel isolated, but when we feel connected and held. I know this from the inside out from my own healing journey from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and...

The Dark Gift of Chronic Illness is Intimacy

The Dark Gift of Chronic Illness is Intimacy

  Again and again we sit eye to eye with pain. And although we all would have probably chosen an easier path, we can’t help but acknowledge that we’re becoming warriors, armed with reserves of strength, humour and patience we never could have imagined. Every...

The Healing Power of Women’s Circles

The Healing Power of Women’s Circles

The beauty of circles. As an eleven years old, my favourite thing is the world was being with my three best girlfriends. We were the class geeks, and chose to spend our lunchtimes away from the hustle and bustle of the playground and other kids, sitting in the...

“The Women’s Wellness Circle is an amazing circle where women with chronic illnesses gather to share uplifting stories or give support when needed. It is one of the most inspiring circles I have been privileged to be part of and I recommend it to all my yoga students. Frances and Sophie are to be commended for the loving and compassionate way that they have birthed this and for their ability to hold the space in such a supportive yet gentle way.” ~ Fiona UK

“For those who are struggling and feeling alone with their chronic health issues, this is perfect. Nourishing, supportive, informative, deeply healing, connected. I no longer feel I’m the only one doing this.” 

                                                    ~Abby, UK