‘Neurons that fire together, wire together.’
~Bruce Lipton

I recently listened to an interview with Bruce Lipton (Author of ‘The Biology of Belief’) and it inspired to write a blog about my experience with brain retraining, and how it can be combined with the healing atmosphere of women circles to create lasting healing benefits.

Bruce’s teachings and research beautifully back up the work I’ve been doing with people with chronic illness for several years – retraining the brain and nervous system out of old patterns that fuel illness and negative states.

My journey with brain retraining began several years ago, in my own recovery from CFS/ME. Around that time one of my mentors – Ashok Gupta – developed a programme to help people recover from ME/CFS/FMS/MCS and other related conditions by retraining the amygdala. (The amygdala is a small pea sized structure in the centre of the brain, associated with fear.)

Using his transformational methods, combined with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), I have supported hundreds of people from all over the world to retrain the thought patterns that can keep illnesses running by perpetuating cycles of stress.

The power of our own awareness to transform old habitual patterns and create new positive patterns that support us in achieving health and wellbeing, constantly amazes me.

So, how does brain re-training work?

It all begins with the prefrontal cortex part of the brain, which is neuro-plastic (or re-wirable). This means we can create new pathways that cause the parts of the brain associated with fear to calm down. We can literally train our brains to be calm.

We can also train our brains to build new, beneficial pathways. For example, we can encourage neural pathways based on safety and trust to become more prominent than those associated with dissociation and fear. This would enable the parasympathetic system – the part responsible for rest, healing and relaxation – to switch on, and activate the bodies natural healing response.

From fear of flying, to multiple chemical sensitivity, to chronic fatigue which left a woman housebound for years, I have seen people use this kind of brain retraining to achieve full recovery, and lead a healthy and happy life.

At Women’s Wellness Circle, we are experimenting with combining tried and tested chronic illness healing tools, such as brain retraining and EFT, with the loving and supportive atmosphere of circles of conscious sisterhood. We’ve seen how the flush of oxytocin and other healing hormones that naturally arises when women gather and connect in circle can greatly enhance the benefits of healing modalities.

Also, the feelings of safety, deep connection, and friendship inspired by women’s circles is a powerful brain retainer in itself – just by being in the circle, women actually create new neural pathways based on trust, receptivity, joy and connection.

Are you ready to rewire your brain and inspire radical changes in your health, happiness and mindset?

Join in the experiment, by taking your seat in on our upcoming 40 Day Wellness Immersion, or by practising in-person at one of our upcoming UK workshops and residential retreat in the Lake District.

In Sisterhood, Frances


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