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The Women’s Wellness Circle hosts the annual Women’s Wellness Council, an exclusive interview series with world-renowned leaders in health recovery and support. These interviews are packed with incredible feminine wisdom, experience, techniques, advice and inspiration for your recovery journey. Access these exclusive interviews with either of our membership subscription packages or purchase them below.

2017 Interviewees

Track Your Cycles and Harmonise Your Feminine Rhythms For Healing

With Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer ~ Founders of Red School and authors of Hay House book ‘Wild Power’  

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Menstruation as a feminine spiritual healing path.

~ How to ride the wave of pre-menstrual symptoms and emotions.

~ Menopause as an initiation into our feminine power.

Guided Practice: Menstrual Medicine Circle Process

Explore the Rosen Method to Soften Body Tension and Ease Chronic Pain

With Annabelle Apsion ~ Co-Founder of The Rosen Method UK Training Centre

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Coming home to your body’s intelligence

~ The healing power of nurturing touch and contact

~ Voicing your truth and releasing suppressed emotion through your body

Guided Practice: The Rosen Method Self-Care

Embrace Your Sexual Energy to Support Physical Healing

With Sofia Sundari ~ Tantra Teacher and Founder of Mystical Femininity

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~The healing power of your sexual energy

~ How to connect to your erotic flow

~ How our sexuality opens us up to our power

Guided Practice: Orgasmic activation

Heal Your Digestive System and Balance Your Hormones using Ayurveda and Yoga

With Emily Rose Heard ~ Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga teacher 

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Healing digestive problems and hormonal imbalances

~ Discovering your Ayurvedic type and harnessing its healing wisdom

~ How Yoga can support the female body to heal from chronic conditions

Practice: Womb Wisdom Meditation

Illness as an Initiation to Deep Acceptance and Spiritual Awakening

With Fiona Agombar ~ Yoga Teacher

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ The power of accepting, embracing and turning towards illness

~ Yoga for healing chronic illness, burnout and stress

 ~ Spiritual awakening and illness

Practice: Meditation: turning towards pain and opening the heart

The Wisdom of Listening to Your Dreams to Heal Illness

With Toko-Pa Turner ~ Writer, Teacher and Dreamworker

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Understanding the healing lessons within our dreams

~ Cultivating a sense of belonging

~ Snuggling rather than struggling with the paradoxes of being chronically ill

Guided Practice: How to Remember Your Dreams

Come Home to Wholeness to Unlock Your Innate Healing Potential

With Connirae Andreas, PhD ~ Founder of The Wholeness Process

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Explore the specific structure in our psyche, which makes deep healing possible

~ How to shift our attention from our “story” to our innate healing potential

~ Dissolving the belief structures beneath the trauma response

Guided Practice: Connirae wove her practice of The Wholeness Process throughout the interview.

Cultivate a Healing Mindset: Retrain your Brain for Health and Vitality

With Paulien Elzinga ~ Gupta Amygdala Re-Training Coach

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Transforming habitual negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs

~ Moving beyond people pleasing and perfectionism

~ The wisdom that emerges when women gather together for healing

Guided Practice: Visualisation to re-train your brain for health

Remember Yourself as Nature to Navigate Fear, Rage and Grief

With Jewels Wingfield ~ Eco feminist, Spiritual activist, and Womb Wisdom Keeper

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Collective feminine rage about patriarchy

~ How rituals help support us to access and express our grief

~ Connecting with the earth as a resource to support emotional flow

Guided Practice: Shakti dance meditation

Awaken Self-Acceptance, Love and Compassion to Move from Illness to Health

With Tanya Penny ~ Coach 

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Cultivating self-acceptance, love and worth from within

~ Releasing the 3P’s: People Pleasing, Perfection & Pretending to be Superwoman

~ Receiving abundance on all levels: health, wealth, love and happiness

Guided Practice: Therapeutic Meditation Process

Nature’s Cycles: Your Healing Guide on the Way Home to Joy

With Edveeje Fairchild ~ Spiritual Midwife and Soul-Centric Coach

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ How to tend to our vibration to create more joy

~ How nature can awaken our inner wildness

~ Accessing nature’s wisdom through our own cycles

Guided Practice: A Journey Into Our Body’s Cyclical Wisdom

Strength In Sensitivity: Using your Spiritual Gifts for Healing

Rue Hass ~ Emotional Freedom Technique Coach for Spiritual Sensitives

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ The spiritual gift of being Highly Sensitive

~ How to find the strength in your sensitivity

~ How to create a life that supports your sensitivity

Guided Practice: EFT practice for highly sensitive people

Heal the Mother Wound to Support Your Path to Health and Empowerment

Bethany Webster ~ Writer, Transformational Coach and Midwife of the Heart

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Claiming your power as women and moving beyond the chains of the patriarchy

~ Freeing yourself from your mother’s unresolved pain

~ True and deep healing takes time and focus

Guided Practice: Meditation to Embody your True Essence

How to Cultivate A Healthy, Passionate Relationship as You Heal

Alina Frank ~ International Trainer and Mentor of EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ How to maintain passion in your relationship when you’re on a healing journey

~ When is it time to leave a relationship, and signs that you should stay

~ Discover how working on ourselves can help our relationships to shift

Practice: Emotional Freedom Technique for Intimacy

Harness the Medicine of Conscious Sisterhood to Heal Your Body

Clare Dubois ~ Founder of TreeSisters.org

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Sistering – what it means to hold space for each other as women

~ Healing the collective feminine shadow of ‘compare and despair’

~ Why the world needs healthy, connected women right now.

Practice: Connecting to Sisterhood

The Healing Journey from Isolation, to Saying ‘Yes’ to Love and Support

Annabel Fisher ~ Intuitive Breakthrough Coach and Author

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ How to make the shift from loneliness to receiving support

~ Self-care and the work-life balance

~ Illness as a wake-up call to surrender

Practice: Emotional Freedom Technique – Opening to Receive

Tap Into Ancient Goddess Wisdom to Heal Chronic Illness

Syma Kharal ~ Sacred Feminine Coach, Healer, and Yoga Teacher

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Working with Goddesses myths to support our self care practices

~ What we can learn from Persephone and her journey through the underworld

~ Goddess wisdom on healing childhood trauma

Guided Practice: Goddess Healing Meditation

Reclaim Your Inner Wild Woman as a Source of Healing

Mary Reynolds Thompson ~ Author, Teacher and Founder of A Wild Soul Woman

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Harnessing nature’s wild landscapes as a healing resource

~ How to begin the process of un-taming and un-domesticating ourselves

~ How the chronic illness epidemic is connected to the feminine re-wilding movement

Practice: Writing exercise: Walk in Beauty

Heal Chronic Illness through Awakening to Your Deeper Purpose

Chameli Ardagh ~ Founder of Awakening Women Institute

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ How coming home to what we truely love is key to healing

~ Why the world needs women who are committed to living their purpose

~ Cultivating healthy rhythms as you step forward to give your gifts in the world

Practice: Connecting to our dharma

Dance Yourself to Health, Dance Your Soul Awake 

Denise Rowe ~ Dancer, Singer and Teacher

The Three Healing Keys in this Interview:

~ Dancing through challenges to meet our lives with grace and gratitude

~ How dance helps us to find our place within the family of things

~ How connecting to our female ancestry can support us as we heal

Practice: Connecting our Centre to the Centre of the Earth

2018 Interviewees

The ‘Dirt Cure’: how what we eat can heal us (and our world)  

Dr Maya Shetreat Klein ~ author of ‘The Dirt Cure’ and founder of Terrain Medicine.  

The Healing Power of the ‘Wild Feminine’ in the Root of our Bodies  

Tami Lynn Kent ~ author of Wild Feminine and founder of Holistic Pelvic Care.

The Incredibly Healing Power of ‘Daring to Rest’  

Karen Brody ~ author of ‘Daring to Rest’ and the founder of The Daring to Rest Academy

The ‘Sensitivity Gene’ and How to Heal the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Elaine Wilkins~ author of book – ‘Finding M.E. The Authentic Self and Founder of The Chrysalis Effect’ .

Allowing Your Emotions to Flow to Heal Chronic Illness

Frances Goodall~ author of ‘You Can Heal Chronic Illness’ and co-founder of The Women’s Wellness Circle.

How Women’s Circles can Support our Bodies to Heal

Sophie Jane Mortimer~ Co-founder of The Women’s Wellness Circle and Embodied Feminine Leadership Pioneer.  

Healing Collective Feminine Pain to Heal Ourselves

Clare Dubois~ founder of TreeSisters.  

The Medicine of Sacred Feminine Devotion for Healing

Monika Nataraj~ founder of The Mystical Dance and Shakti Spirit Teacher Trainings.

Healing Feminine Ancestral Wounds: Awakening the Sovereign Presence of your Soul

Melda Gebremedhin~ founder of Womb Matrix Healing.  

Invoking the Power of the Healing Goddesses: How Archetypal Energies Can Empower Your Health and Wellbeing

Sally Kempton~ author of ‘Awakening Shakti and Meditation for the Love of It”.

Our Woman’s Body as a Portal to Awakening

Chameli Ardagh~ founder of The Awakening Women Institute.  

2019 Interviewees




Working with Grief on a Path to Recovery

Julia Samuel~ Author of ‘Grief Works’, celebrated psychotherapist and grief expert


Moving through Illness to Power, Passion and Purpose

Frances Goodall~ Co-Founder of The Women’s Wellness Circle and Author of ‘You Can Heal Chronic Illness’, ‘The Lotus Process’ and ‘8 Steps to Health and Happiness’  




The Power of Working with your Body’s Energies for Healing and Vitality

Donna Eden~ Energy Medicine Pioneer and author of many books including ‘Energy Medicine for Women’


Illness as a Spiritual Initiation

Gogo Ekhaya EsimaPeer Recovery Specialist, Trauma Survivor and Spiritual Coach  




Nourishing the Sacred Feminine

Myriam LlanoCreator of Divine Renewal and Renowned Nutritionist


Releasing Suffering, Embracing Wellness 

Fiona AgombarAuthor of ‘Beat Fatigue with Yoga’ and ‘Endless Energy: Over 50 Ways to Fight Fatigue’ 




Coming Home to Yourself 

Sara Avant StoverAuthor of ‘The Way of the Happy Woman’ and pioneering yoga and feminine awakening teacher




Befriending Illness as an Opening to Freedom 

Fenna van de VijverBody Orientated Psychotherapist and Gupta Coach and Trainer





Magical Thinking: Connecting to your Innate Healing Power 

Jen EvansCo-Director of The Women’s Wellness Circle and Wellness Coach 


The Power of Eight: The Miracle of Healing in Community

Lynne McTaggartAuthor of the ‘Power of Eight’ and ‘What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You’




Choosing Health 

Penny CroalExpert Health Coach, Meta Health and Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner and Trainer


Traversing the Darkness

Founder of Presence Heals and Women’s Wellness Circle Coach 




The Power of Tapping: From Fibromyalgia to Thriving EFT Practice 

Lili BakhtiariInternational Trainer and Mentor of EFT Tapping 


From Illness to Sustainable Work-Life Balance

Sophie Jane MortimerEmbodied Feminine Leadership Pioneer and the co-founder of The Women’s Wellness Circle 

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