Do you feel you’re not living your full joyful potential, yet not sure why?

Are you struggling to fully bring the wisdom, gifts and awakening of your emotional, physical, or spiritual healing journey into your life?

Are you recovering from chronic illness, depression or trauma but got stuck at a ‘plateau’, longing to step into your purpose and not sure how?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this programme is for YOU!


Space for profound healing 


        Regular online group coaching & individual support                                                                                                                                               Powerful leadership training                                                                                                                                       

        A community of full-hearted women by your side                                  

Deep Dive Retreat

We will support you to

Step confidently into your feminine power and leadership so that you can stand strong in your unique wisdom and truth.


Reclaim your full pleasure and joy potential so you can celebrate your embodied womanhood.


Connect to and live in your purpose in a sustainable way so that you stay radiantly well.

PLUS Leadership training

On completion of the full 9-month programme and some additional supervision of your group work, you will also have the opportunity to become a Women’s Circle Community Facilitator certified by Frances Goodall and Moon Teitel of The Women’s Wellness Circle.

Wow, what a programme of the individual and collective feminine. To come together and work through empowering themes has been incredibly beneficial on my healing journey. To look at these themes in connection with other women and to have the tools to explore these has been a wonderful gift. A very deep and rich programme. Thank you all so very much.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Nicola, England, Graduate of 9 Month Programme

For me the PPP Programme was a powerful vessel for healing. Frances and Moon have a wealth of experience and practices to share. They are truly compassionate, sensitive, embodied and insightful guides and I am so grateful for all the support that they have given me.

During the 9 months I had the sense of being profoundly held and accepted in all that I am, which has strengthened my capacity to embrace all parts of myself. The PPP vessel was a safe space for meeting and working with the trauma and limiting beliefs that came up for me around purpose, power and pleasure. I was able to start retrieving parts of myself that I thought were lost or inaccessible.

I am still in the process of birthing myself anew, and I am surprised by what is emerging. I am being visible in ways I couldn’t have imagined, I am sharing my voice and beginning to step into my power. And I feel that being witnessed by the wonderful women who participated in the programme has really helped me dare to take the first tentative steps towards more visibility.

I have taken so much from the experience. It was a deep dive that I feel will ripple out for some time as I continue to reclaim my Feminine Power.  

Rosalie, Germany, Graduate of 9 Month Programme

Registration will soon be open for the 2023 Reclaim Your Feminine Purpose, Pleasure and Power 9 month programme


  • Nine 90 minute Group Coaching sessions over 9 months in an intimate circle of up to 22 women, where we will cover themes like connecting with and discovering your purpose, embracing your sexuality, living with full aliveness, ancestral and collective wound healing, the feminine path of leadership…. and more!
  • Nine 90 minute circle work sessions where Frances or Moon will hold space and offer practices for your deep healing and transformation, and you will receive some individual support as well as benefit from other women’s processes and the group process.
  • One 90 minute orientation and connection session at the start of the programme to support you to fully enter these 9 months of healing, transformation and empowerment. 
  • One 3 hour deepening retreat to experience a deep dive into some of the practices we support you with.
  • Private Facebook group for you to connect with the other women in the programme and support each other in-between sessions.
  • Support in creating a PPP Sister Pod to connect, deepen into practices and support each other in-between the live sessions with Moon and Frances.

Plus these fantastic bonuses!

  • Access to ‘Growing in Wellness and Joy Together’ – an invitation to two live calls per month to support your growth in wellness and joy.
  • Access to The Women’s Wellness Circle Community of women on a similar journey, which includes live Coaching Call, Intention Setting Ceremony and Office Hours Session every month.
  • The Lotus Process Video Programme and PDF – a home study course to support your healing.
  • EFT for Healing Chronic Illness home study course.
  • Access to over 30 interviews and practices of powerful women in the Holistic Healing and Feminine Empowerment movement.

This program is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to truly be present for yourself in a freeing way by clearing what isn’t working and adopting what is. The expert guidance I received from experienced, open-minded coaches who serve as mentors and role models was a beautiful introduction into living my purpose from a place of fulfillment and confidence.

Kathryn, United States, Graduate of 9 Month Program

I recently completed a 3 month women’s circle with Moon on Zoom. I was struck by her compassionate facilitation skills and her ability to create a safe, nurturing space for topics that hold depth and emotional intensity. Moon brings her full self into her therapeutic work. She is non-judgmental, spontaneous and kind. She responds to her client’s needs in the moment and adapts according to what feels important in the now. Not only is Moon an incredible facilitator, her breadth of knowledge in the realm of meditative practices and breathwork is also vast. I highly recommend Moon’s circles and one on one coaching. She stands out as one of the most light-hearted and PRESENT facilitators I have worked with. Thank you, Moon!

Titiana, Florida, Astrologer, Rock Climber, Massage Therapist 


Module 1- Dreaming into Your Purpose

Discover and connect deeply to your sense of purpose in life, however humble or magnificent it feels to you.

Clear the blocks to living from your purpose in a way that makes you feel alive, awake and engaged with all of life.

Be witnessed and celebrated as you claim your purpose, in circle with other women.


Module 2 – Reclaiming Your Power

Become grounded and centred right where you are, with acceptance and compassion for all of who you are.

Release painful beliefs that you are unhealable, and any identity of illness or brokenness, so you activate your innate trust in your body’s intelligence for deep regeneration. 

Reclaim your wild power through honoring your cyclical feminine nature present in all phases of a woman’s life. Regain trust and confidence in yourself and in your body’s innate potential for wellness. 


Module 3 – Cultivating Pleasure and Joy

Know and embody your health and pleasure deep within your bones. Free yourself of feelings of lack or ‘not enough’, so you can feel abundant in energy, health and resources. 

Explore pleasure practices as medicine for your body and nervous system. Support in cultivating regular self-care pleasure routines that will give you power to calm your nervous system, reclaim your energy and press the button on aliveness – every single day.

Work through blocks to attain and experience a deeper sense of pleasure and joy in life.


Module 4 – Fully Empowered Woman

Connect to and celebrate your inner wild woman to unleash your full energy and aliveness.

Learn practices to support you to move through and embody the more difficult emotions such as grief, anger and disgust, so that you can embrace the wholeness of who you truly are.

Explore the qualities of feminine leadership and how you can embody them for yourself and those around you, at home or at work.


Module 5 – Living from Your Purpose and Your Pleasure

Release internal blocks and receive support to step into your purpose in a joyful, pleasurable and sustainable way. 

Orgasmic Manifestation practice for connecting to and realising your deeper purpose, that can be engaged with from wherever you are now on your journey with your body. 

Grow your potential for orgasmic and ecstatic experiences as a way to more fully enjoy and celebrate your embodied female experience.


Module 6 – Exploring Qualities of Feminine Leadership and Power

Explore what feminine leadership and power is and how it can change our world. Clear internal, generational and societal judgement of the feminine and reclaim your own embodied wisdom and truth. 

Unravel the wounds of previous toxic relationships, strengthen your boundaries and activate new relational ways of being with yourself and others.

Heal the witch wound to be able to stand strong in the feminine and your unique wisdom, empowerment and purpose.


Module 7 – Expanding and Blossoming into Your Deepest Purpose

Connect again to your deeper ‘why’ for how you’re currently living in you life and the ways you want to expand or grow your purpose.

Dream into how your purpose is evolving and the ways you might need support to enable it to fully ripen.

Empower you to stand strong in your ever evolving purpose. Establish ways to continue checking in with yourself for alignment so that you can clear the way for what is true to you on your path.


Module 8 – Empowering You to be a Leader

Explore, identify and develop your unique leadership qualities and gifts. Appreciate the value of women-only spaces for healing and personal growth. 

Build your confidence and competence to hold a sacred and safe space for women to share and support each other. We will support you to develop a simple structure, offer ideas for content, guidelines and ways to weave in your own unique gifts.

Clear what stands in the way of you feeling relaxed and competent as a feminine leader in all areas of your life and career.


Module 9 – Landing Your Leadership in the World

Overcome any ‘imposter syndrome’ and issues with visibility, and claim your gifts to lead and empower others. Clear any lingering doubts about your leadership. 

The opportunity to step into powerful space holding for a circle of women, with our guidance and support for your growth and development.

Identify the areas of your life in which you are ready to step into your leadership and explore how you will do this. For some of you, this will be leadership in the workplace, for some of you this will be leadership in your community or home. For those of you wanting to call in circles in your community – we will support you to discover what women you feel called to serve, for instance circles for teenagers, for mothers, for those who are cycling and post menopausal women.


is an earthy, exquisite, feminine force of pure grace. She has a wonderful way of creating a space of love where magic can happen, helping all of us to share our gratitude and hope for the planet we live on and the people we live on it with.

She is a healing arts practitioner and facilitator with 20 years experience, trained in mainy modalities, including EFT, herbalism, pre and perinatal psychology, birth work, mediation, yoga and cranial work. Moon has been facilitating deep healing spaces for women for many years and is known for her compassionate facilitation skills and her ability to create a safe, nurturing space for topics that hold depth and emotional intensity.

Moon brings insight, warmth, creativity, vulnerability, courage, and playfulness to her work. She responds to the moment and adapts according to what feels important in the now with a light heart and a grounded expansive presence.


draws on over 10 years of coaching and work as a trusted trained practitioner of therapeutic tools and processes such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), The Gupta Programme, Internal Family Systems, Family Constellations and Tantric Practices, all to support you to rewire your nervous system from fatigue to inner power, energy, joy and pleasure, and to step into your feminine power.

She is a chronic fatigue recovery specialist, is The Women’s Wellness Circle Co-Founder, a coach, trainer, speaker, mother and the author of ‘You Can Heal Chronic Illness: The Lotus Process, 8 Steps to Health and Happiness’.

Over five years, she went from house-bound with chronic fatigue to running half marathons and she’s since spent over a decade dedicating her life to supporting 1000s of women to recover their health from CFS and related conditions.

Frances has been in the field of personal growth for 20 years. She is the longest standing coach and cofounder of the Gupta Programme coach training.  She has more recently trained with Layla Martin to be a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach to add diversity to her coaching practice. She is most passionate about helping you move from illness, burnout, trauma or anxiety to full thriving life of  joy and pleasure.


I’ve worked with countless clinicians, healers and providers over a twenty year struggle with chronic health issues, and I can say that Moon is the most calming, grounded and present healer I’ve had the honor of working with.

She’s wise beyond her years, profoundly articulate, and exceptionally smart. She’s flexible, creative and playful in her EFT work, making even hard, painful material, easier to work with. You just feel like you’re being deeply seen, and your wholeness is being held by Moon. Working with her calms my nervous system and gives me hope. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Kyle, Jamaica Plain, Writer and Redesigner

Frances is an amazing Coach, Spirit and Soul. I am truly blessed to have found her as my Coach. She has gently guided me through the most challenging times of chronic illness. Knowing that buried deep down we have the innate capacity to heal our bodies, she brought light to the blocks that stood between me and recovery. I am deeply grateful to Frances, to her wisdom, and to her whole Being – she has accompanied me back to Health and Happiness.

Djuwi, Germany

I would recommend going deeper with Frances and Moon to explore who you are and what it means to be alive in your body. There was a loving container to explore these deeper issues that could have a depth and breadth due to the length of the course.

Lucy, UK, Graduate of 9 Month Program

Still have questions?

I feel drawn to this programme and yet I haven’t gone through an intense chronic illness journey...

If this programme speaks to you, you are welcome to join us. We created this program to support women to live into the full expression of their lives. Some women have been travelling a healing and recovery journey, some women simply have a sense that something isn’t quite right and can feel their full potential beckoning and yet haven’t been able to answer the call. This programme is to help you live into the fullness of who you are with deep support, a safe healing container and tools, practices and perspectives to support you in your daily life. 

What is the schedule for the programme?
We will meet twice per month on Wednesdays at 11amEST/4pm UK 

1st June Welcome Intro Session 
15th and 29th June
6th and 20th July

17th and 31st August
7th and 21st Sept
5th and 19th Oct
2th and 16th Nov
7th and 14th Dec
4th and 18th Jan 2023
8th and 22nd Feb 2021


                                                                                                Deep Dive Retreat   

Saturday 8th October ~ 3 hours! starts at 11am EST/4pm UK time 

I feel drawn to this programme and yet I haven’t gone through an intense chronic illness journey...

If this programme speaks to you, you are welcome to join us. We created this program to support women to live into the full expression of their lives. Some women have been travelling a healing and recovery journey, some women simply have a sense that something isn’t quite right and can feel their full potential beckoning and yet haven’t been able to answer the call. This programme is to help you live into the fullness of who you are with deep support, a safe healing container and tools, practices and perspectives to support you in your daily life. 

What if I know I want more 1-1 support?

For participants that would like to deepen their exploration and support, you are welcome to book sessions with either Moon or Fran throughout the programme. The sessions can be an opportunity to go deeper on anything coming up in the programme, and to deepen your growth in purpose, pleasure and power. 

Both Moon and Frances bring decades of experience to their work, are trained in multiple modalities, and hold a safe and empowering space to support you to deeply heal and realise your potential. Please reach out to them individually if you would like this extra support. You are welcome to work with  both Moon and Frances throughout the 9 months if you would like. Moon is in EST and Frances is in UK time zone. 


What happens if I miss the early bird registration deadline?

We would love to have you with us. The early bird registration deadline is firm. We are a small organization and are unable to accommodate requests outside of the timeframe. So if you are planning to participate in the program and would like to receive the early bird discount, please make sure to register before registration closes. 


I love the practices and support offered in this programme and yet I feel my health is not yet at the point where I can do this. What can you offer me at this stage of my healing?

We hear you and we can offer the support of The Women’s Wellness Circle Community as well as our Growing in Wellness and Joy Together programme if you would like the extra support of additional sessions and practices per month. 


Regarding the bonus access to Growing Together and Women's Wellness Circle Community - when do the sessions take place?

Currently, the Growing Together sessions are twice per month ~ the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 1:30pm EST/6:30pm UK time and are one hour. Currently, the Women’s Wellness Circle sessions are: Intention Setting Ceremony, the first Monday of the month at 12pm EST/5pm UK time, Coaching Call on a healing theme, the second Tuesday of the month at 12pm EST/5pm UK time, Community Offering day on the third week of the month, days and times vary and Office Hours, on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 12pm EST/5pm UK time. 

All sessions are held on zoom and are recorded, so if you are unable to make them live, you can catch up on the recording. 

These sessions are the primary support for those in the Women’s Wellness Circle Community and the Growing Together series, for the PPP Programme, they are a bonus and are added supports for your practice and community connection. 


What if I don't plan to facilitate Women's Circles, is this programme still for me?

Yes, absolutely! This programme is designed to support you in your full empowerment and potential as a woman. The last two modules of the programme will support you in distilling your growth during the programme so that you step into leadership in your life. For some of you that will look like women’s circles and for others of you, your leadership is in your job, your families and your communities. The facilitator certificate process will be in addition to the rest of the programme.

What is my level of commitment to this programme?

This programme is a powerful vessel to support you in your power, purpose and pleasure. We will meet twice a month as a group, and you will be committed to time on the weeks in between to engage with your path and to open, grow and deepen your experience. 

Plan to spend at least 4 hours per week in practices to support your journey. 

Commit to attend all the sessions live where possible, and to stay for the duration of the program, no matter what else arises in your personal life during the year. 

You are entering into a journey of commitment with yourself and with your sisters in the program. As you register and enter, we invite you to connect to and feel that commitment. 

I’m really excited about this programme, but I’m not on Facebook, will I be missing out?

You will still have access to a lot of support – all of the coaching calls, healing sessions, and emails. You also will have the option of connecting with a small sisterhood group of 4 to 6 other women in the program to deepen your learning and nurture your growth. There will also be some connection through the facebook group and so if you want to connect in there as well, some women decide to set up a temporary account for the duration of the programme which they use solely for the purpose of the programme and nothing else. 


I feel drawn to your support, yet I don’t have the space in my life right now for a 9 month programme. Is there another way forward for me at this time?

Yes, you can join our Growing in Wellness and Joy Together Programme which meets twice per month and depending on how much support you want you and where you are on your healing journey, you could also consider The Women’s Wellness Circle Community.


I am interested in the Women's Circle Facilitator Certification. Can you tell me more about it?


 Women’s Circle Facilitation Certification

  • You will offer 10 women’s circle sessions in your community and write a synopsis of each session and what you’ve learnt
    • What went well in this session?
    • What went poorly? Insights about what you would do differently next time
  • You will receive supervision from Fran or Moon on two of the sessions – one towards the beginning and one towards the end.. 
    • Record the sessions
    • The second recorded session must be a few sessions after your first supervision so you have time to integrate the feedback and refine your facilitation 
    • Receive two 1 hour long 1-1 supervisions on your circle work and anything arising around women’s circle facilitation.
    • You will participate in a Sister Pod of at least 6 months in duration that meets monthly, bimonthly or weekly. 

 Commitment and Cost 

  • You will indicate your interest and commitment to the certification process by Feb 1st 2022 
  • The cost for the certification process is £645 – payment may be made in full on March 1st 2022 or divided up into 3 monthly payments of £220
  • Certification process includes: two supervision sessions, evaluating 2 circle video sessions, reviewing your 10 circle reflection write ups and receiving your certificate. 


You will have 10 months to complete certification, the first recording has to be submitted within the first 5 months and the second one has to be after you have integrated and applied the learning from your first supervision. 


Additional fees will be needed for people who need more supervision.


Needs to be complete by Dec 2022, or additional costs and demonstration of your work will be required.


Feeling Your Yes and Still Having Questions?

If you are feeling called to take your place in a life humming with purpose, pleasure and power and still have questions about how this programme will support you, book in here with Moon or here with Fran for a free 10-minute chat about ‘Reclaiming Your Feminine Purpose, Your Pleasure and Your Power’.

I am the Community Manager for the Women’s Wellness Circle and last year I was also a participant in the 9 month Feminine Power, Pleasure and Purpose (PPP) programme and it was amazing! Moon and Frances created a 9 month programme full of wonderful nourishing practices, very informative content and a sacred space for us participants to work through and authentically share as we healed. I felt a lovely connection between all the women in the programme and we deeply supported each other through the 9 months we travelled this journey together.

The PPP programme contained two 90 minute sessions each month for 9 months. The first was full of nourishing practices tailored to the theme of the month with some time for a short 1:1 practice. The second session of each month was mainly for the deeper work and included two 1:1 coaching sessions with Moon and Frances on things that were coming up for us that month. We all had the opportunity to spend time receiving this expert personal support from Moon and Frances as well as feel the genuine love and encouragement from our sisters. There was no judgement as in turn we all shared, listened and then gave mutual support and a few words of encouragement afterwards. The circle of women on the call were always so supportive and I felt totally safe and held in this circle and happy to open up and share deeply with Moon and Frances holding the space so beautifully. There was also a 3 hour retreat half way through the programme which was incredible and gave that extra time and space to really dive deep.
In addition to the programme, each of us were invited to join an optional Sister Pod with our peers. Although all the women were lovely and we all connected, I felt very blessed to be included in my group with some beautiful souls. We agreed to meet twice a month on the opposite week to the main programme and during our time together we have created a wonderfully strong bond with mutual respect, support and love at its core. I feel this extra connection with my Sister Pod has helped me to progress and gain confidence. I treasure my Sister Pod and each of the inspirational women in it. The last PPP programme finished in February, we are still meeting up regularly and I feel a deep friendship has been cultivated. We all look forward to spending this precious time together and intend to carry on our regular meetings.
Joanne, UK, Community Manager and Graduate of 9 Month Program

 And Your investment

  • Single payment discount: £2222 for the 9 month programme* 
  • Or the option of 9 monthly installments of £257

*The leadership certification process entails supervision and additional time and cost. Please enquire for more information

If as well as the above you’d like more support: 

This is a powerful program in and of itself that does include 1to1 time within the group sessions in a deeply transformational and healing container. If you want to have the space to go deeper into your individual process around these themes, then we recommend 1to1 sessions with Moon and/or Frances during this programme. We are committed to being available to programme participants, so contact us if you would like to arrange individual sessions to deepen your healing and transformation. 

There are 22 spaces in the programme. Registration is soon to open for the 2023 programme – we’d love to have you join us – sign up below to be alerted to early registration information.  


 ‘Reclaim Your Feminine Power, Your Pleasure and Your Purpose’ 9 Month Programme Registration for Spring 2023 Opens Soon! – Sign up Below for Early Interest! 


2023 Purpose Pleasure and Power 9 Month Programme Early Interest List

Are you feeling the call to deepen your purpose, pleasure and power in a supportive community of women? Are you feeling ready to transform your life and longing for a vessel of powerful practice and deep inquiry?

Sign up here to express your interest in the next 9 month programme and receive early registration information!


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