Access below your meditation bundle to support you on your health recovery journey. You can download the practices to listen to on your favoured device.

Oxytocin Rinse Self Massage

A foundational practice of The Women’s Wellness Circle to connect to your body and activate a flush of healing oxytocin into the body

A Pause

A tool to support you to rewire your brain for health and happiness, using the acronym A PAUSE (A ~ Awareness, P ~ Pause, A ~ Aaahhhhh, U ~ Understanding, S~ Support, E~ Embody)

Emotions as Energy In Motion

A track to help you to feel your emotions and let them move as energy through your body

Build Your Inner Circle of Support Guided Meditation

A meditation to enhance your sense of the circles of support around you to help you to recover your health.

Visualising Upcoming Events

This visualisation is for when you have an occasion coming up – whether that be something you are looking forward to or not, a special day or festival, an invite from someone to do something, a trip, a holiday, a doctor’s appointment or procedure, a visit from someone, whatever the occasion – there may be some negative feelings around it, some fear or resistance or even catastrophising. Use this visualisation to change the energy around the occasion and find ways to proceed with it from your empowered, paced and grounded self.

Root into Your Power Meditation

Root into your power, gain control over your mind and emotions, and learn a lifelong technique to dissolve away all that no longer serves you.