Gupta Programme

We endorse The Gupta Programme as a great programme to support your health recovery, particularly if you’re a woman suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Do you suffer symptoms from any of the following conditions?


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or ME




Multiple Chemical Sensitivities


Electrical Sensitivities


Adrenal Fatigue


Other Related Conditions


"I spent thousands of dollars over 31 years trying to shift my health and attitude. The Gupta Programme has worked for me better than anything I have ever tried."

Grace, USA


"...for the first time in 18 years! We all deserve the gift of GOOD Health, so please start your healing process by beginning the Amygdala Retraining Technique"

Jyoti, UK


"Its great ot be in control of my own journey...not to have to worry about anything, knowing I can do my pace :)"

Simon, Australia


"The Amygdala Retraining Programme has once again been successful for which I am extremely grateful"

Cathering, UK

The Gupta Programme incorporates a balanced and holistic approach to regaining your health and happiness. Our DVD and 3-Month Webinar Treatment Recovery Package encompasses custom designed techniques to address the amygdala-based patterns which are occurring. While the techniques are drawn from many spheres including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),

Timelines, Meditation, Self-Awareness, Cognitive Restructuring, and Parts Therapy, they are unique unto themselves and are more accurately categorized under the banner of “Amygdala and Insula Retraining” (AIR). You will be guided through these techniques in an easy to understand, step by step manner.

In addition to these unique and novel brain retraining techniques that you will gain access to, the Gupta Programme offers practical lifestyle advice based on the latest research specially tailored for those suffering from the Conditions. Topics such as Diet/Nutrition, Pacing, Sleep and Mindfulness are also explored because of their significance in the recovery process.