Welcome to a New Chapter of Your Wellness Journey

By Popular Request: Available to All Bodies and All Genders!

Do you need support in applying nervous system reshaping techniques and principles to a real-life exercise class or program?

You may have heard about, or attended, one of our Safe To Move workshops in December and January, where we took a deep dive into practices and techniques to help you find your way to ease, joy and freedom in moving your body. 



Discover the path to reclaiming your energy and aliveness through movement.

Join Gupta Program Coaches Frances and Moon in “Safe to Move ~ A Supported Yoga Class”,  a unique experience designed to meet you exactly where you are as you build capacity for physical movement and exercise.

We will use nervous system reshaping and brain retraining in a supportive community environment with a deep understanding of the challenges you face. 

All of you is welcome here.

We invite you to join us from the comfort of your home for this 90 minute workshop on March 26th at 11:30am PT/ 2:30pm ET/ 6:30pm UK time

What will the class look like?

A 90 minute workshop, incorporating a 60 minute yoga class, with options offered for all bodies

Brain Retraining, Nervous System Reshaping and Parts Work practices and reflections before, during and after the yoga postures, to support you as you move through the class

Key principles to apply as you build your capacity to feel safe to move in your body and gain physical strength 



Who is the class for?

Open to all people 

Open to all bodies ~ the invitation to follow your body’s needs and your ‘window of tolerance’ is key – lying down and visualising the postures is a welcome and valuable practice

Anyone who would like support to begin, or to expand, their ability to exercise

Why Attend?

  • Holistic Wellness: Reclaim your health and aliveness by opening gently to movement. 

  • Empowerment: Challenge yourself in a safe supportive space attuned to your own nervous system to gently and safely stretch your capacity. 

  • Community: Experience the power, inspiration and benefit of gathering together to do this important work.

Reclaim Your Health and Energy!

Welcome to a New Chapter of Your Wellness Journey.

Previous Safe to Move Participants have said:

“This workshop is amazing!”

“It’s lovely not to be shamed in a movement class” 

“Feels safer to have permission to keep adjusting to what feels good to me” 

“The movement was lovely, but Moon giving thanks for our nervous systems keeping us alive made me burst into tears!” 

“All of this is making us so much stronger and emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally healed and healthy” 

“Thank you for this workshop and all the sharing , it helped me accepting with more kindness where I am in my healing journey right now ❤️” 

“That is so true about the feelings after exercise. This happened to me last evening…I had done a bit too much. But instead of freaking out, I thought, well, I’m tired. So I’ll take a break. Eat something for energy and do some breathing exercises. That got me past the fear. And I actually ended up feeling reinvigorated. I learned something there.” 

“Thank you for this lovely workshop, it was very inspiring!” 

“Thanks soo much for the permission to move in my window of tolerance!”

“Thank you again so much for this workshop, I gained invaluable insight and you all helped me completely turn around my attitude toward moving back into moving again! feel so very blessed and grateful! THANK YOU ALL!”

“That’s so powerful as an exercise. I felt like I had a big energy shift despite having felt a bit uncertain about this practice, the mirroring & witnessing was an amazing experience, I feel like I really connected with my practice partner and think many of us could benefit from making this a regular practice!”

“I’m going to try and do this every day – it’s been really empowering.”

“My key takeaway is to titrate the work…reminded of a quote I love ‘little by little a little becomes a lot’

“I learn so much from you two! You co-lead well together. Very good workshop!”

“Thank you so much for this workshop. Your guidance, caring and wisdom was so very helpful and will continue to be with the recording. And it was so good to be with you all and everyone who participated.”

Registration for Safe to Move ~ A Supported Yoga Class 

  • Join us on March 26th at 11:30am PT/ 2:30pm ET/ 6:30pm UK time
    for this 90 minute online workshop held by Frances and Moon. (Please note the US clocks change ahead of other countries, for example we are 4 hours apart rather than 5 from the UK this week, Please be sure to confirm your timezone for your country this week. Times above are correct within their timezones)
  • £33 for the live workshop and the recording of the session for your personal use afterwards 
  • This class is intended to support you in applying the principles and skills learned in our Safe To Move workshops. If you’re just beginning your journey to expand your capacity for movement, we recommend you have attended live or watched the recording of one of these workshops. This will give you a deep dive into the theory, tools and approach we’ll be applying in this class so that you can receive as much as possibly from this class. 
  • If you haven’t already attended one of the previous Safe to Move workshops, we are offering a discount code to help make it possible for you to watch the recording of one of these workshops prior to this class. Once you register for this class below, you will also receive a discount code and registration link for one of the previous workshops.
  • Please sign up with your details below. We would love to see you live and you are of course welcome simply to join in on the recording if your schedule or your desires don’t align with joining us live!


      Safe to Move A Supported Yoga Class March 2024



      • Once you register, you will receive an email within the hour with workshop details and zoom link. If for any reason you haven’t received it, please do NOT register again as we are unable to offer refunds on multiple registrations. First check your spam folders to see if it is in there, as depending on your account settings, you may need to whitelist our email address initially. If you still haven’t received it, please contact us so we can help!
      • Please note, once signed up, we are unable to offer refunds 


          Moon and Frances have been working in the healing arts for decades supporting people on a healing journey to reclaim joy, aliveness and power.

          I have participated in many of Frances and Moon’s workshops, and I always come away with deeper insight into myself, and more compassionate towards the parts of me that need it the most. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do!”

          ~ Cindy, Graduate of 9 Month Programme 

          “Frances and Moon have a wealth of experience and practices to share. They are truly compassionate, sensitive, embodied and insightful guides and I am so grateful for all the support that they have given me. During the 9 months I had the sense of being profoundly held and accepted in all that I am, which has strengthened my capacity to embrace all parts of myself. The PPP vessel was a safe space for meeting and working with the trauma and limiting beliefs that came up for me around purpose, power and pleasure. I was able to start retrieving parts of myself that I thought were lost or inaccessible. I have taken so much from the experience. It was a deep dive that I feel will ripple out for some time as I continue to reclaim my Feminine Power.

          ~ Rosalie, Germany, Graduate of 9 Month Programme


          is an earthy, exquisite, feminine force of pure grace. She has a wonderful way of creating a space of love where magic can happen, helping all of us to share our gratitude and hope for the planet we live on and the people we live on it with.

          She is a healing arts practitioner and facilitator with 20 years experience, trained in mainy modalities, including EFT, herbalism, pre and perinatal psychology, birth work, mediation, yoga and cranial work. Moon has been facilitating deep healing spaces for women for many years and is known for her compassionate facilitation skills and her ability to create a safe, nurturing space for topics that hold depth and emotional intensity.

          Moon brings insight, warmth, creativity, vulnerability, courage, and playfulness to her work. She responds to the moment and adapts according to what feels important in the now with a light heart and a grounded expansive presence.


          draws on over 10 years of coaching and work as a trusted trained practitioner of therapeutic tools and processes such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), The Gupta Programme, Internal Family Systems, Family Constellations and Tantric Practices, all to support you to rewire your nervous system from fatigue to inner power, energy, joy and pleasure, and to step into your feminine power.

          She is a chronic fatigue recovery specialist, is The Women’s Wellness Circle Co-Founder, a coach, trainer, speaker, mother and the author of ‘You Can Heal Chronic Illness: The Lotus Process, 8 Steps to Health and Happiness’.

          Over five years, she went from house-bound with chronic fatigue to running half marathons and she’s since spent over a decade dedicating her life to supporting 1000s of women to recover their health from CFS and related conditions.

          Frances has been in the field of personal growth for 20 years. She is the longest standing coach and cofounder of the Gupta Programme coach training.  She has more recently trained with Layla Martin to be a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach to add diversity to her coaching practice. She is most passionate about helping you move from illness, burnout, trauma or anxiety to full thriving life of  joy and pleasure.