In this powerful audio interview, created for the members of our Women’s Wellness Council and now shared publicly, coach Moon Teitel describes her journey from a life where she felt blessed and spiritually connected, to the dark underworld of chronic illness with its attendant isolation and despair.

I felt I had failed, that I was doing something wrong. Why was I still in this darkness, why couldn’t I heal this and purify it?

Moon Teitel
Traversing the Darkness, an interview with Moon Teitel

What she found, instead of a straight line back to health and happiness, was a path far richer than she could have imagined, and one for which she now feels gratitude. Her journey to the underworld was a return one, and she came back to the world laden with the gifts of her soul’s encounter with the darkness.

She shares her story in this interview with Women’s Wellness Circle co-director, Frances Goodall, including:

~ How moving through difficulties can be part of the healing journey
~ How illness can be a journey through a dark night of the soul into awakening
~ The healing power of a supportive community

For a deeper dive into the gifts of the underworld journey, join our upcoming online course ‘Chronic Illness: A Path to Awakening‘ where we’ll take the timeless myth of Warrior Goddess Inanna as our map and guide over 3 weeks of online retreats, daily inspirational emails and an online community to hold and support your journey.

To work more deeply with Moon, check out her website Presence Heals.