Do you feel that the choices you make about what and when to eat are keeping you stuck in a state of poor and even chronic ill-health?  Perhaps you find yourself caught in cycles of breaking your own best intentions, and then shaming yourself for not taking care of your body with wholesome food, the way you know it needs?

Here’s some information I’d like to share that’s specifically designed to help you realise that poor food decisions you make are NOT because you’re “greedy… a failure… weak…” the way our inner-critics tend to tell it.  May this knowledge plant a seed on your journey of discovering the unique, supportive, and loving boundaries within your own food lives, that will nourish and serve you, lifting you to new levels of vitality, freedom, and vibrant health.

Our human bodies have evolved over millions of years to respond in a certain way to foods that are rare, or difficult to come by.  When we hunted and gathered, sourcing meat to eat was a risky business that expended vast amounts of our energy hunting.  It is little wonder we now find ourselves craving meat and other rich, fatty foods as though they are still a scarce commodity.

Take fruit too – fruit use to be one of the quickest ways of getting a lot of quick sugar that boosted our energy and allowed us to be productive quickly.  And fruits themselves evolved to look and taste delicious to tempt us, so that they could spread their seeds through us when we poohed them out again onto the earth. 

But fruit was seasonal, and through the colder months it wasn’t around.  No wonder we’ve evolved bodies that tend to want to grab as much sugary delicious sweetness while we still can.

The food industry is well aware of these ancient preferences we have, that were once so tied to our survival.  They capitalise on our natural tendencies by creating sugary and fatty foods that give us the hit we have long been geared to seek – the hit that makes us feel safe we’re going to survive a bit longer. 

The foods achieve this temporary high while offering us little or none of the lasting nourishment that once led our cave-ancestors to feel satisfied.  Food companies are mostly aimed at profiting through encouraging us to eat as much as possible of food that keeps us wanting – and buying – more.  As a human family, so many of us now find ourselves both over-eating, and nutritionally starving.  This impacts massively on our health, and can prolong or even cause chronic ill health.

With all that in mind, it can be tough to expect ourselves to know what our bodies truly need, just through our intuition, or ‘listening’.  We can be up against a combination of very sophisticated (and even manipulative) commercial food marketing, and millions of years of predisposition towards foods that were never available in excess back then.

Do you need support and guidance to finally find ways to have calmness and choice, even in the midst of the strongest food cravings?  The whole thing can finally slow down, so that we are no longer under the control of our either our own ancient histories, or commercial food manufacturer’s pocket-motives.

This is an embodied journey, one where we learn to trust ourselves again, listen to our feelings, and finally find the place inside ourselves we can trust – a place we all have in abundance.

To delve deeper into this pivotal work, join myself and Frances Goodall for our free online live event on 19th August 2019:


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Naomi will be sharing more about the path to a freedom that lasts with The Women’s Wellness Circle, and supporting you to find the answers you need to get on your own path to freedom, wellness, and lasting peace-of-mind around food. She’ll be revealing how to discover your own healthy weight and work towards it steadily, free from the cycle-swing of bingeing and dieting.

Naomi looks forward to meeting you soon and walking by your side on the path to Food & Body Image Freedom.

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Warmest wishes, Naomi Nygaard


Naomi Nygaard: Naomi Nygaard is an Internal Family Systems and Somatic psychotherapist, coach and healer with over ten years experience helping people individually and in groups to identify and release their inner blocks to achieving freedom from compulsive food cycles, and discover the life they love most. She runs a 3 month Food Freedom Program, see more details here.