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How The Women’s Wellness Circle Can Support You……

You can join our vibrant circle of support and healing, work with our coaches one-to-one for support tailored to your needs, and take online courses to guide you towards vibrant health and happiness.

Are you a woman on a healing journey from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, an auto-immune condition or another chronic health challenge? Are you longing for a natural, effective pathway to deep and lasting healing? Perhaps you sense there is a more feminine, soulful way to find your way home to health; one that will also support you to come home to you true, authentic self.

We know first hand how challenging the healing path can be. That’s why we’re passionate about gathering women together, to create uplifting and nurturing circles of support. Over the past three years, we’ve helped 100s of women on their way to full health as well as to full expression of themselves and giving their gifts in the world and we’d love to have you with us.


Join The Women’s Wellness Circle

Perhaps you’re recovering from a chronic condition like CFS or an autoimmune illness, you might have mystery symptoms or pain, or maybe you’re simply feeling burnt out. If you’re longing to reclaim your health, we invite you to take your seat in our circle of support and recovery.

Guided Meditations and Self Study Courses

Would you like to learn the tools and techniques that supported our personal healing from chronic fatigue and burnout? Our self study programmes and meditations will help you set up optimal conditions for healing, so that you can reclaim your health.

 Work with us One to One

If you’re looking for one-to-one support, we invite you to explore working with us in individual sessions tailored to your needs. Our Co-Directors Frances and Moon are available  to support you personally. 

Work with Frances, who has helped 100s of women recover full health. See her website for more information on sessions and packages 

Moon offers EFT Healing, Wellness Coaching, Small Group work and powerful healing Workshops. Moon is passionate about supporting women in deep life changing healing. She feels that with support, life’s challenges can be experienced as initiations with potent gateways for healing. See her website for sessions, small groups, workshops and more information about her work

“I feel as if a massive burden – which I’ve been dragging around with me nearly all my life – has dissolved into a fine mist. I know now where to find the guidance and support I need. Thank you.”

~ Hilary, UK

“Deepening into circles of healing through the Women’s Wellness Circle has quenched a thirst I had for connection with other women on a healing journey. It has given me an experience of gentleness with which I can heal myself.”

~ Oak Trillum, Canada